Who am I?

Carissima Keatley.

A 30-something, curly-haired, book-loving, coffee-and-red-wine drinker.

Oregonian now Texan.


Lover of fashion, books, coffee+tea, & European fashion.

When I created this blog, I wanted to be like those bloggers whom I adore. You know, the ones who show off their fashionable finds, who go on amazing trips to exotic locations around the world, who get gifts from amazing and expensive companies. Then I realized that I am not like those women at all. Instead, I am a fashion-loving, book-reading, Netflix-and-Pinterest-binging kind of American woman.  A woman who is simply...average. I realized that it's okay to be average and to show that an average life can be pretty amazing, too.

So here I am, Carissima, ready to show off my average life and realize that it's pretty spectacular.