Tomorrow I get to go on an overnight trip the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show-the biggest outdoor show-which takes pace in Sisters, Oregon. However, we get to stay over in Bend, which I am looking forward to. The warmth and sun will be wonderful-it's been warm at home, but this is dry desert warmth-and there may also be the chance to explore a bit, as well as spending some time at the hotel's outdoor pool.

So, what's going in my bag for this overnighter?

Let's see...

First, my favorite new dress by Mlle Gabrielle (a great steal Ross Dress for Less), a Chevron-and-Chain Necklace (Walmart), my swimsuit from Old Navy's sale last year (which looked horrible on me when I first put it on, but it fits now!), my Target sunglasses, and the latest Kinfolk magazine. Other essentials include:

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water, which is essential in keeping cool and making your skin soft an dewy, is something I always keep in my bag The other thing I keep with me is my DanielGlass water bottle (in my favorite color, Peach, Don't Kill My Vibe). Staying hydrated is key when spending the day outside and in warm weather.

So there you have it, my basics for my overnighter to Bend & Sisters. What are your favorites for s quit summer getaway? Comment below!


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