The Art of Lingerie

Lingerie is said to be something special, and I have to agree. However, I disagree with the statement that lingerie should be "only for when you're married." I just don't buy that: why can't I have pretty things to wear, even when I'm not married? Why not have something that I can enjoy, even of I'm the only one to see it? Not only that, why can't I wear things that are beautiful and fit well, too?!?! In Europe, lingerie is just their normal name for underclothes, whereas here in the USA, it's almost something dirty. I'd like to bring back the art of owning lingerie that is beautiful and practical.

These things wander through my head whenever I go shopping for new underclothes. You see, when I was 19, my friend took me to Victoria's Secret for the first time. Even though the photos are not "secret" at all, the lingerie themselves were beautiful, silky, and enticing. So, I bought my first pair of silky, beautiful underwear. There's nothing like knowing that you're wearing something that makes you feel beautiful. There's seriously nothing like putting on nice things that make you fell beautiful. Isn't that the whole point of any piece of clothing you own? Why can't it be that way for your lingerie, too? This is what I explain every time one of my girlfriends asks me why I buy/own nice lingerie. This is also why I spend a small fortune on ones that fit and make me feel good, too.

There's also something about having the right fit. Now, I'm not talking about finding something that might be in your bra size but is actually too small, simply because it's cheap. I'm talking about finding your right size.

"Now, how can I get around to doing that?" You ask.

Simple: go get a bra fitting.

Definitely NOT at Victoria's Secret, where they tell you to buy one cup-size down so that you can have angel boobs. Rather, find a small boutique run by professionals--not your average store clerk--and ask for a fitting. They'll set you up with measurements that will actually work for you. There's literally nothing more helpful for women than having the girls in the right place.

Now that you have your measurements, it's time to go shopping!

You don't have to spend a fortune, but you do want to look for quality pieces that will last you for more than a year. Start by looking at lingerie boutiques, and also do some online research. If you need a particular size, say bigger than average, look at somewhere such as Cacique, which is the lingerie line from Lane Bryant. If you're looking for amazing, one-of-a-kind pieces--especially vintage--look at places such as Etsy.

Just a forewarning when shopping on sites like Etsy, there are some photos that may be deemed as explicit, so if you're more sensitive, please, be aware. Now if you're on a budget, there are stores that actually have decent lingerie that's beautiful and affordable. Even some of your local boutiques will have some lower-priced-but-amazing-quality items. Yes, you might still be in shock about paying $20 for underwear, but it's soooo worth it! Whowhatwear, an amazing fashion blog, has a list of affordable lingerie that still feels high-end, which you can check out here.

On more thing I'd like to mention. Not everyone matches their bra and panty set, yet it still feels fun knowing that you have a matching set. So, if you feel like it's time to exchange your cheap, box-store lingerie for something better and beautiful, go for it!


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