Fall-ing for Music: My Favorite Spotify Playlists

Fall is in the air, coffee in our hands, and warm fuzzy blankets on our laps. What can be better? How about the perfect fall playlists?

Here are my top 5 favorite playlists, plus my own playlist for the fall!

Your Favorite Coffeehouse

That music you enjoy listening to while sipping that delicious latte comes to your house (so you can stay in those fuzzy sock under that blanket).

Country Coffeehouse

For those who prefer a more country vibe, this playlist is perfect!

Autumn Acoustic

Acoustic music is wonderful for this time of year, and so is this playlist.

Autumn Leaves

Leaves, rain, the perfect music: the best playlist for a rainy day.

Sounds of the Season: Autumn

Anthropologie brings a curated playlist which includes great songs such as Pillow Talk (Wild Child) and Wild Goose (M. Ward).

Carissima: Fall 2017

Here's my specially-curated fall playlist for your listening enjoyment!

Do you have any special songs or playlists for the fall? Comment below!

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