10 Things You May Not Know About Me

1. worked in a quilt shop for 8 years, and I love how it opened up my creativity in ways I never though possible.

2. Favorite music genre is Indie/Alternative, and am currently listening to: Pulaski at Night (Andrew Bird).

3. I shaved my head 4 years ago. It was awesome, and I've thought about doing it again.

(Questions on this? Comment below and I'd love to tell you why I did it!)

4. I love a good gin+tonic. 3 limes.

5. I love my coffee dark, sweet, and black.

(I loooovvve my coffee)

6. My favorite painters are Frida Kahlo & Vincent Van Gogh.

(you can check out Frida's paintings here and Van Gogh's here)

7. I'm left-handed.

(Go South-Paws!)

8. I'm from Oregon, born and raised.

9. I've dyed my hair dark purple, bright blue and magenta, and had my nose pierced.

10. My favorite musical artist is (and always will be) David Bowie (RIP, Mr. Bowie).

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