A Finals Survival Guide

Finals are soooo close! There's also sheer happiness and sheer panic combined when this realization hits.

What do you do to survive all this?

Check out my list below!

1. A Cozy Place to Nap and Take Breaks.

It's really important to have a space that's not for studying. Whether it's your bed or a couch--even a corner of a room--it is crucial to have a designated spot to not study and stake a cat nap, eat some (nourishing) snacks, or watch an episode of something (just not something binge-worthy)!

2. A Good and Cozy Blanket.

Make sure that when you study, you have a blanket or quilt to keep you comfortable when reading that study guide for the umpteenth time!

3. A Good, Really Big Mug.

You know that one giant mug you love, the one that can hold a half a pot of coffee?

It's a lifesaver when you need that huge boost of caffeine.

Just make sure you don't go overboard. Seriously...

4. A Really Cute Clock to Keep Time.

Sure, you can use your phone, but this is a much cuter and non-distracting way to make sure you don't miss that history final.

I found this one at Walmart for under $5, so there's no good reason why you shouldn't get one--we even have a matching big one in our living room!

5. Good Snacks

It's really easy to not eat healthy during finals, when you're lucky enough to take a shower that day.

However, it's important to eat things that have protein and other things to help keep that brain (and body) moving!

My favorite snacks are KIND bars, which are gluten free, GMO-free, and many are dairy-free, too!

I usually find those at my local Walmart, but you can find them at other stores and online as well.

Make sure you also drink lots of water--check out my Daniel Glass bottle here!

6. Coffee and Tea

I love coffee and tea, and I find it important to find a good kind that's not too acidic and delicious!

For coffee, I'm currently loving Fair Trade and Organic Peruvian Coffee from one of my school's town's shops, Daily Grind.

However, if you're not in the area, go to your favorite coffee shop and ask your barista what coffee they recommend--I love to buy beans and grind it in my room for fresh-daily coffee right in my room!

For tea, I love Stash Tea, located in my home state of Oregon.

They offer a variety of bagged and loose-leaf teas, each one amazing and always fresh.

You can find Stash Bagged Tea at your local Walmart or other grocery stores, and for more flavors and their loose teas, check out their website here!

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