My First Trip to the Czech Republic!

My brother Josh married his sweet Czech wife, Anežka in July, and my family had the opportunity to fly out for the wedding!

It was also a great opportunity to learn about and explore a new country. There's certainly times when we don't think about particular places to visit, and the Czech Republic was definitely one of them. However, now that I have seen it with my own eyes, I have realized it is a place full of strength, warmth, amazing people, and delicious food.

So why would anyone want to visit the Czech Republic? Here are a few reasons why...



We also spent overnight in Prague. What. An. Awesome. City. Really!! Praha is an old city full of life, culture, and beautiful sights. From churches to castles to bridges, the beauty of Prague never ends. Taking a train from Brno to Prague, we spent two days exploring Charles Bridge, Castle Karlstejn, Our Lady of Victory Church (where the Infant of Prague is located), and more. If it's somewhere you have thought about visiting (even if you haven't, you should), now is the time to start looking at airline tickets!!

P.S. I highly recommend flying into Vienna and taking a train to Prague-the views are spectacular and the price is worth it!


The final trip was into the second largest city, Brno. Located in the Southern Moravian Province, Brno is home to a ever-growing population of university students, families, and those whose family live in the area but are looking for the city life.

We explored some of the local churches, my favorite being the Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul. The gothic architecture was astounding, and we got to climb up to the bell tower to see a wider view of Brno.


I certainly did not get to enjoy this beautiful country long enough, and I hope to enjoy it again soon. I'm so thankful that I went to a place I never really thought about visiting, and I hope you might visit someday, too!

What is your favorite country you've visited, but never truly thought about visiting? Comment below!

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