Top Ten Carry-On Essentials

I have traveled on more planes this summer than I have done in my whole life! Thankfully, the travel essentials I always carry have helped me through many things, from cancelled flights to really, reallllly long flights, and more. Here are the top ten travel essentials you should always carry with you, whether it's in your own country or abroad!

1. Passport Holder

Sure, it's nice to have a travel wallet with a spot for your passport, but I prefer a case desiged especially for my passport. There's also a pocket for your boarding passes, so everything becomes a breeze going through security and passport checks (usually).

2. Travel-Sized Wipes

I carry a pack of Clorox Wipes and Ponds Cold Cream face wipes with me on every trip, because you never know what you may find on your tray table, and your face will alway feel a little better at the end of ANY flight.

3. Easy-to-Use Makeup Essentials

Here they are: red lipstick, such as my favorite Rouge Dior in 999 Matte, to instantly look more alive and put together, Oil blotting sheets by Swisspers, because if your face is anyhting like mine, then you will want to wipe the shine away, Burt's Bees Chapstick in Pink Grapefruit to keep your pout moisturized, and eye drops to help clear redness or dryness. Simple and effective, these 4 items will make you feel less like you've been flying all day or night. I also recommend a compact mirror to make sure your lipstick doesn't look like the Joker.

4. Sunglasses

For when your annoying row partner decides not to close the shade when they should. Plus, it keeps people from bugging you. I have a pair of prescription glasses, but Target has some super cute ones in a similar style. Click here to see them!

5. Headphones

Pretty much the same as the second reason as the sunglasses. I found some amazing and super inexpensive (under $5!) bluetooth headphones at WalMart that are seriously the best headphones I have ever bought! They don't have them available online, but you can find them in the check out line where you find the last-minute gifts and travel essentials.

6. Gum

Gum is good for take-off and landing, or for that time when your breath is just nasty and you don't want to get up and brush your teeth.

7. Coin Pouch

I don't actually keep coins in a pouch, rather I use it to hold my phone cord and headphones. It's large enough to keep everything inside, yet small enough you can easily stash it in your bag without taking up much room. Check out my favorites at Blue Q here.

8. Magazine

Bring some reading along with you for when you're tired of watching movies or can't sleep. Something entertaining yet not too long can hep you to relax while you enjoy your complimentary drink and peanuts. I find it fun to choose a magazine at the first airport I visit, so sometimes I end up with international copies!

9. Small Notebook

It may seem like an odd thing to bring, but when you're looking to give yournumber to the cute guyyou've been sitting next to for 12 hours, it's good to have a way to do that (other than a receipt or crumpled drink napkin). It's also good for using it as a mini journal, or for keeping paper items such as postcards flat. Check out these notebooks from Moleskine here!

10. The Bag

A friend lent me the Baggolini bag in th epicture, but the bag I most often use is my Christian Siriano for Payless bag. It holds everything on this list and more-I even used it as a school bag last year! Although the model I have is no longer available, there are new models that would work just as well, and are super cute and worth every penny spent! Check them out here.

A few more things I love but don't have pictured are:

A travel battery charger pack for your electronics, and a small soft bag for your makeup and face wipes.

There you have it! My top ten go-to essentials for traveling. What is something you cannot travel without? Comment below!

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