Changing Things Up: Wardrobe Edition

Having been at a school with a dress code for the last few years, I've collected a lot of business casual clothing that I really can't wear anymore. There's also been the change of moving back to Oregon after three years in Virginia, and while I'm enjoying re-learning to love my home State, I am also relearning what to wear--especially in a State where it can rain one minute then the sun will shine--all at once! So, after going through and gleaning my closet (donating to a local thrift store), I've started to collect pieces I can incorporate into the rest of the clothes I already have, turning my wardrobe into everyday, wearable outfits. So today, I want to share my favorite new pieces!

1. Boyfriend Jeans in Base Blue, Old Navy, $34.99.

I was never a huge fan of these jeans until I tried them on; I instantly fell in love!! Comfortable, a little stretchy (but not too stretchy), and in a non-distressed style (why make holes when I can wear them out myself?!?!), these are truly the perfect non-skinny jean. You can find them online or at your local Old Navy store.

Photo via Old Navy

2. Plush-Knit Long-Line Open-Front Sweater in Camel, Old Navy, $39.99.

I LOVE sweaters. I have many sweaters on multiple styles--pullovers, cardigans, etc.--and have been watching and waiting for this gorgeous sweater to go on sale. Well, it finally went half-off, so I knew it was time to snatch it up. You can find it online or at your local Old Navy store.

Photo via Old Navy

3. Cameron Rose 14k Gold Dipped Necklace, $29.

This 14k gold-dipped necklace is the perfect minimalist necklace for everyday wear. I love it because I can wear to work, to church, or to any even where I want just a little bit of bling. I also love it because, since it's 24k gold-dipped, it won't rust (a green neck is reallly gross). You can find the jewelry at local boutiques near you, such as The Arbor in Salem.

4. Earrings, Silvertide Jewelry, Prices Vary.

Made locally in Oregon, and completely awesome and unique. You can’t buy online yet, but there is a place on the website to contact as well as his list of shows he is at! Check out the website here!

5. Solid Pleated Oblong Scarf in Mustard, Maurices, $18.

Unfortunately, you cannot get the mustard one online anymore, but check with your local store to see if they have it. They do have Ocean Teal and my other favorite autumn-y color, Burnt Ginger, available online.

Photo Sources: Jeans:, Sweater:, Necklace: My Own, Earrings: My Own, Scarf: My Own.

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