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So, it's been way too long since I've given you, my lovely readers, a post. For that, I am truly sorry. Life has been pulling me down lately, but I've been working slowly on pushing back up! Anyway, now that life is starting to get back to normal and spring is slowly in the air, I've compiled a list of my favorite new things that are great for spring! If you have a favorite spring item, don't forget to comment below!


Terra & Sky Button Down Shirt Dress, $18.84, Walmart and

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This dress is super comfortable and easy to wear any time of the day! A mix of cotton, rayon, and linen, this dress is simple yet can be worn dressed up-it's great for the warmer days with booties or colder days with tights! I have the Blue Sapphire Striped one (pictured), but there are three other colorways to choose from. Check these dresses out at your local Walmart or at here.

Terra & Sky Woven Shirt in Multi Stripe, 14.97, Walmart and

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This linen and cotton shirt can be worn tied or untied in the front and is breezy, lightweight, and comfortable beyond belief. I love the multi-colored striped version, but I honestly love them all (I'm trying to resist buying all four colors)! Check them out at your local Walmart or at here.

Everlane Day Heel, $145,

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These 100% Italian leather heels are short and, from what I've heard, insanely comfortable. They offer many different colors in leather, suede, even metallic! Everlane is an ethically-sourced company that truly cares where their products come from. They also offer discounts, free shipping, even monthly payment installations if the price seems daunting. Check out their Day Heels and other products on their website here.


Mliani Cosmetics Rose Blush in 01 Romantic Rose, $8.99,

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This blush is the perfect shade for my pale skin--because of my olive undertones, pink blush can often look really odd on me (depending on the blush's undertones). I also like the rose shape of the blush--it's department store quality at a normal budget price. You can find it at your local drugstores, Walmart, or

Burberry for Her Eau de Parfum, $98.00,

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This is the grown-up and original version of my teen and early-twenties favorite Burberry Brit. Burberry for Her has scents of sandalwood, black currant, fresh green apple, cedarwood, jasmine, and moss, this vanilla-y and the musky scent is perfect for an everyday perfume. I love this scent and think it is worth every penny. While it is spendy, I have a savings hint: look at your local Ross Dress for Less store, even Walmart--they'll often have it at a price that is wayyy lower than the original! You can find it at your local department store or at here.


SALT FAT ACID HEAT, $37.95 (depending on where you purchase it), or

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This book is just plain awesome. It's a great way for those who don't, can't, or love to cook to dive deep into the world of the elements of cooking--and mastering it. You may have seen her show on Netflix of the same name, and Samin Nosrat has the same personality in her book that she does onscreen. If you've ever wanted to know why you pair certain foods together, check out her book. Seriously! You can find it at your local bookstores and many other places by clicking here.

The Magnolia Journal, $7.99, and stores near you

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Who doesn't love Chip and Joanna Gaines? This couple is amazing and so is their magazine. The latest Spring 2019 issue dives into the topic of authenticity and "being who you were made to be." This issue especially reminds me of the quote by the great Doctor of the Church, St. Catherine of Siena: "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire." Check out this issue at or at stores near you (I've found them at Walmart & Michael's).

There you have it: seven of my favorite new items for this spring. What are YOUR spring favorites? Music? Art? Flowers? Comment below!

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