Finding Faith in the Future

"She laughs without fear of the future."

Proverbs 31:25


Wow. I never truly realized just how powerful that verse is. To laugh without fear of the future? What does that even mean--is it even possible?

I've always wanted to be another person. I mean, still be myself, but someone rich, famous, or royal. Someone who doesn't have to worry about their future. But for me, that's something that's just not possible. Sure, maybe I'll become rich or famous (probably not a royal), but there's the main reason why I've felt like this. That main, deep down reason is that I've never been able to laugh at my future without fear. I'm usually wondering if there will be enough money this month to pay all my bills, if I'll ever get married, the list could go on and on. There's always this or that continuing in my brain with such trepidation that I allow my anxiety to take control of me. When that happens, I feel as if I get hit hard with all my worries, all my fears--not a good thing when I have a melancholic temperament.


So how does someone get to the point of being able to laugh without this fear? Let me be honest: I haven't really figured this out. What I do know is there are many ways to work towards it. There's the most obvious one: Stop, breathe, close your eyes and pray. For my Catholics out there, you could pray a Hail Mary, an Our Father, even a "Jesus, Mary, Joseph, help me!" For others, it could be any of those prayers (Christ and the Saints are our best prayer partners and support), or even just a "Jesus, help me." If it wasn't for going to the chapel on campus or sitting and praying in the shower (yes, I did that), I wouldn't have made it through some of my college life.

There are plenty of other options out there which can help. You can find a spiritual director, a counselor, or even a friend who loves to listen, someone who loves to pray over and for you. Join a community in your area. If there aren't any say, at your parish, then start one (with an okay from your priest). Another way to combat your anxiety and fears is to start or pick up a hobby you've always wanted to begin. Find ways that will help you grow; by growing you can come to love your life and yourself. Give yourself that chance to laugh without fear of the future!


Are there ways you find that help you combat anxiety and worry? What makes you laugh without fear of the future? Comment below!

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