My Current Target Faves!

It's always difficult to not buy things when I go to Target. However, there are some things that I am absolutely in love with right now, and I'd love to share them with you! Here we go (hold onto your wallets)...

Carissima's Current Target Faves

1. Threshold Round Ceramic Lamp in White $9.99

These lamps are small but bright, perfect for a bedroom side table or whereever you need to shine just a little more light! Find it here.

2. Hearth and Hand by Magnolia Linen Blend Sheet Set $39.99-$67.99

These sheets are AMAZING!!!!! 45% cotton, 55% linen, these sheets are cool, easy to wash, and super soft. Plus, the creamy white color goes pretty much with any bedding. Find them here.

3. Universal Thread Plus Size Roll Cuff Denim Bermuda Shorts, $22.99 (non plus-size $19.99)

These denim shorts are a modets length, making them easy to wear anywhere, a nice dark blue, and pockets that are actually big enough to hold the latest giant iPhone. Find them here.

4. Google Home Mini in Coral, $49.99

A cute color, great sound, and lots of variety in what you can do with it. These often go on sale for about $30, so check their site often! Find it here.

5. Capello Digital Alarm Clock, $7.99

I hate to keep my electronics on in my room (the easiest place to charge it) so I decided to get a battery-operated one that is simple and easy to use. I also love the color and design-what's not to love! Find it here.

6. A New Day Zip Fold-Over Wallet, $16.99

I finally found a wallet that not only fits all my cards, but my phone and passport too--perfect for traveling or everyday use. Plus, it's a cute color and there's so many little pockets!! Find it here.

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