My Quarantine Workout Gear + Fave YouTube Channels!

It's been six long weeks since the quarantine started here in Oregon and honestly, I've struggled most days. Although I normally love being home to unwind after work, it's been hard for an ambivert to be stuck at home all the time. Anyway, I shouldn't complain, because even though certain things in my life aren't going as planned, I'm so blessed to have a safe, warm home, food, entertainment, a garden, etc.. A big thank you to those who are working tirelessly in these difficult times!

One way I have been able to get my day started—or to unwind—is through working out. Whether it's a 1-mile walk-at-home video, cardio, or even just a 20-minute yoga stretching session, I've come to realize that exercise truly helps boost endorphins (and so no one kills their husbands).

With this in mind, I would like to share with you my favorite workout gear and my 3 favorite YouTube exercise channels!

|| Workout Gear ||

|| Pants ||

I wasn't sure I'd ever jump onto the yoga pants train, but I'm really glad I did! Perfect for walking workouts, yoga, cardio, etc., these pants are stretchy, comfy, and have a side pocket for your phone. While I'm anti-yoga-pants-in-public, I'm very much for wearing these to workout in!

BALEAF Women's Goddess Long Yoga Pants, $26.99,

|| Shoes ||

I hate wearing shoes in the house, so I cringe whenever I've had to put shoes on when working out indoors (which is more than often, especially now). Luckily for me, XeroShoes and Amazon both offer a wide range of ZeroDrop, Barefoot Shoes. The first pair I tried were the JOOMRA shoes, and for inexpensive barefoot shoes, these are amazing. Comfortable and easy to put on, these are well worth trying if you're 1) not sure you'll like barefoot shoes, and 2) don't want to shell $100+ on a pair offor nowindoor exercise shoes. However, once you go to a better quality pair, you'll never look back! My ultimate favorite pair are the XeroShoes Speed Force ZeroDrop Shoes in Grey!

XeroShoes Speed Force ZeroDrop Shoes in Grey,


JOOMRA Women's Minimalist Trail Running Barefoot Shoes in Black/Gum, $35.99,

|| Top ||

I wear a basic black racerback tank I purchased years ago, and haven't bothered to upgrade yet. Eventually, I'll probably invest in a higher-quality one, but for now, a basic, cotton, breathable tank is perfect for me!

Racerback Tank, $12.00,

Neleus Women's Racerback Yoga Workout Tank Top, $22.95 (3 pk),

|| My Favorite YouTube Exercise Channels ||

Having been in quarantine for 6 weeks now, I've come to discover my top 3 favorite YouTube Workout channels. These channels offer cardio, walking, yoga, and more, giving a great balance in an everyday regiment. In fact, there's enough variety, you could do a different workout every single day of the week!

|| Walk at Home with Leslie Sansone ||

My mom has been walking with Leslie for over a year now, and to be honest, I was really annoyed by this fitness leader from New Jersey.

Then I started doing her videos.

Not only have I felt better after doing a mile or 2 with her (or one of the other leaders), I have also begun to enjoy walking with Leslie. Try it out; you'll be surprised how much of a workout you can get!

|| Holly Dolke ||

In addition to the walking videos, I have also enjoyed doing Holly Dolke's 15-minute Indoor Walking Workout. It's fast, you can feel the burn, and she's an easy guide!

She also has a 20-minute Indoor Walking Workout along with many other workouts if you're looking for something more intense!

|| Yoga with Adriene ||

My favorite channel out of all three is Yoga with Adriene. I wanted to become more flexible, and I knew that yoga stretches would be the way to go. I typed in "easy yoga" on YouTube and Adriene popped up. This was almost a year ago, and though I may not be as flexible as I would like, I have found through Adriene encouragement to not worry about the perfect form but to try your best. I think this is a great message for life in general!

Try her 11-minute Wake-Up Yoga or her 12-Minute Wind Down Yoga before Bed.

There we have it! I hope this post helps you, my dear reader, feel encouraged during this time. Although we will never go back to what we know as "normal," we can move forward with a more positive outlook on life, ready to take each day with joy!

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